AngloAmerican | The Hydrogen Haul Truck
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AngloAmerican is developing more sustainable mining operations. One of their endeavors is creating a more sustainable power system for their mining haul trucks, and reducing their CO2 emissions. 
AngloAmerican has partnered with Seattle based creative engineering group; First Mode to make this a reality.
The first target is one of the Komatsu 930E-4 Ultra Class Haul trucks at their Mogalakwena platinum mine in South Africa. Weighing in at around 291 tons and standing three stories tall, the truck can carry up to 300 metric tons of ore. In doing so, it burns thousands of gallons of diesel. 
Converting one of these haul trucks to run on hydrogen fuel would keep CO2 emissions akin to nearly 700 cars out of the atmosphere.

There are four films in this series, three short films and one longer form documentary coming later in 2022. 
The film above is part 2; The proof of concept. It follows First Mode's building and testing of the proof of concept power system for the haul truck.
Part 1 can be viewed here. The film is about the initial idea for the hydrogen truck and AngloAmerican's broader vision for sustainable mining operations. 
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